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6 Less Known Benefits of Regular Massage

If you think of massage as a luxury for special occasions or a pampering treat, think again! Regular massage can provide a wealth of benefits for your mind and body that you may not have realized. Here are six lesser-known benefits of regular massage that may convince you to make it a regular part of your self-care routine.

Your immune system is your body’s first line of defense against illness and disease, and regular massage can help boost its function. Studies have shown that massage therapy can increase the number of natural killer cells in the body, which play a critical role in fighting off viruses and tumors. Additionally, massage can decrease the production of cytokines, which can cause inflammation and lead to illness.

If you struggle with getting quality sleep, regular massage may be just what you need to catch some z’s. Massage can help promote relaxation and reduce stress levels, which can make it easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing found that massage therapy improved sleep quality in patients with chronic lower back pain.

As we age, our muscles and joints can become less flexible, leading to stiffness and discomfort. Regular massage can help improve joint flexibility by increasing blood flow and reducing muscle tension. This can help improve your range of motion and make everyday activities, such as bending down to tie your shoes or reaching for a high shelf, easier and more comfortable.


Chronic pain can be a debilitating condition that affects every aspect of your life. Fortunately, regular massage can provide relief from chronic pain by reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and releasing endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers. Whether you suffer from back pain, arthritis, or fibromyalgia, massage can help manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life.


High blood pressure is a serious condition that can lead to heart disease, stroke, and other health problems. Regular massage has been shown to lower blood pressure by reducing stress levels and promoting relaxation. A study published in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine found that massage therapy reduced both systolic and diastolic blood pressure in patients with hypertension.


In addition to physical benefits, regular massage can also improve your mental health. Massage can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression by promoting relaxation and releasing endorphins. Additionally, the human touch provided by massage can help alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation. Studies have also shown that regular massage can improve cognitive function, such as memory and attention span.

In conclusion, regular massage can provide a multitude of benefits for your mind and body. From improving your immune function to reducing chronic pain and improving mental health, massage is a powerful tool for self-care. If you haven’t already, consider making regular massage a part of your self-care routine. Your body and mind will thank you!

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